Dates & Prices

The Live Online Courses (English):

  • Beginner Course Bocad 2.3.1 (3 days)
    960,- € per person (3-6 participants)
  • Switch Course Bocad 2.3.1 to 3.2.1 (2 days)
    420,- € per person (Courses expected from April 20th 2020, 5-10 participants)
  • Advanced Course Bocad 2.3.1 (3 days)
    960,- € per person (3-6 participants)
  • Pro Course Bocad 2.3.1 (3 days)
    960,- € per person (not yet scheduled, 3-6 participants)
  • Individual Deepening as a supplement to the beginner or advanced course (2h in the evening). Dates by arrangement.
    190,- € per session
  • Coaching-Day as individually designed coaching/consulting on request (DE/EN)

All coachings and courses are also offered on site. Simply write to me to arrange a date and a price.

All prices are in EURO plus valid VAT.

The daily courses go from 8:00-17:15 (+ 15 minutes of end) o’clock.

The breaks are expected from 10:00-10:15, 12:15-13:00 and 15:00-15:15.

The standard courses consist of blocks with lectures, participation actions, guided and independent exercises.

  • Further standardized offers for timber construction and roof & wall are under construction and are currently only offered individually on request.
  • Additional dates outside the defined times possible by arrangement.
  • All offers can be carried out on request on site.

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