e-learning and knowledge retention

A new addition to my portfolio is the consulting service on the topic of E-Learning. This topic has always been a marginal part of my consulting activities, but now it has been deepened and extended by suitable tools.

Within the company, it is always necessary to collect and disseminate knowledge. This can be basic working principles or processes in the form of simple facts or also topics that have to be trained internally. Once this information has been compiled, the maintenance effort must be kept low and an organized dissemination of the information must be ensured.

Companies often have special classic paper-based folders that are distributed. After a few weeks, these are usually out of date and the larger the folder, the harder it is to find anything in it.

At first, digitally recorded versions of the old paper folder, e.g. in a PDF, seem more practical. But this is just as difficult to keep up to date and has the additional disadvantage that one quickly loses the overview and does not recognize what and when something is new.

I have now brought these topics together concretely:

I create your individual e-learning concept and optionally take over the planning and implementation. The perfect combination is created by using a Learn-Management-System (LMS) with a virtual classroom, supplemented by a local Wiki. Applied with the appropriate concept, you have everything combined, recorded with low maintenance and distributed in a controlled way.