Consulting for Software-Users

In every company, data is processed according to more or less defined workflows. Software of various kinds is used. In addition, analog and digital data must be captured and processed. The aim is to design the entire workflow as smoothly and effectively as possible. Processes and interfaces must be defined, created or optimized. This takes time and can usually only be accomplished by a comprehensive external view.

In larger companies, customer-specific software is sometimes used, which must be implemented, tested, documented and trained internally. Also the acquisition of a software with specification of the adjustments opposite the manufacturers is a complex procedure. The coordination and implementation of these and many other points requires special experience and knowledge. This can often only be achieved by a professional view from the meta level.

Therefore I offer targeted consulting for you as a company around these tasks. For this purpose, the current situation is usually first captured together with you. In consultation with you, I will then take care of the entire process or individual areas. I would also be happy to take over the communication with third parties such as software manufacturers or customers for you.

My goal is always to improve the quality of your work and to save your time. Then you can dedicate yourself to the essential things and make your work more profitable.

In addition to consulting, I also take over implementation, testing, documentation, introduction, training, support, digitization and much more.

With more than 20 years of experience with complex software systems, customer projects, consulting, troubleshooting and workshops with a wide range of subtasks, I can quickly put myself in your shoes by asking specific questions.

Feel free to contact me without obligation and we will filter out the first solutions together.