Welcome to Buhren Consulting. With more than 20 years of experience as an application consultant in the field of b2b software and especially as a Bocad expert, I now offer you my services in specialized areas as a freelancer.

Current main fields of activity

Business analysis, consulting and support for

  • Software-Projects
  • Restructuring
  • Internal knowledge retention & e-learning
  • Homeoffice
  • Process optimisation
  • Software-Service-Organisation
  • Digitalisation
  • Teambuilding
  • LIve-Online-Trainings

Working with people is always in the foreground for me, because without people any technical optimisation is useless.

In my role as IT Business Analyst you will find in the following an overview of my target group and the related topics of my worldwide offered services.

Software Users

  • You are software users of different software types who interact with each other
  • The workflows between the departments and software types have grown historically and are complex
  • Your workflows function not optimal
  • You know that you have different problem points in the overall workflow but you do not know, where you can start to solve them
  • Your processes are partly digital and partly analog
  • You are planning a sustainable restructuring or new implementation and want or can not use your own resources

    If you agree with one or more of these topics, then please have a look at my services under Consulting for Software Users.

Software producer

  • You are a software producer or reseller and you are also responsible for technical support and maintenance of your software
  • You want to optimize your technical support, redefine it or need consulting within the overall organization
  • The workflows between development, technical documentation, testing and support have grown historically and require a new structuring
  • The digitization process has come to a standstill and requires a new start.

If you agree with one or more of these topics, then please have a look at my services under Consulting for Software Producers.

AVEVA Bocad Users

  • You are a user of AVEVA Bocad and your area of responsibility is construction and/or manufacturing in steel or timber
  • You want to increase the effectiveness of the Bocad software or its use in your own company context
  • You would like to have your detailers brought up to date through individual special training courses

Then you might inform yourself at my services under CAD Consulting.


  • You are fabricator or designer for Steel-Construction, Timber-Construction or Cladding
  • You are looking for support for your construction department
  • You are looking for CAD-Detailer

Then it’s maybe worth taking a look at my services under CAD Service.

Bocad Tools

In addition, I offer free macros and design aids for Bocad in the Tools section. It is always tried to consider all Bocad versions, but the focus is primarily on the official current delivery version.

I also offer you the possibility to purchase a macro from my permanently growing pool or to request a non-binding offer via the Macro-Configurator.

(If you are using a very old version of Bocad, please contact me and I will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.)

Of course you can contact me directly about all above and related topics.

Thank you very much and best regards
Joerg Buhren on October 1st 2019

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