CAD Consulting

In the following you will find a selection of my offers in the AVEVA Bocad environment. The offers are formulated for users of AVEVA Bocad in the areas of steel construction, timber construction, roof & wall, tower, onshore and offshore.


When using AVEVA Bocad, points of detail occur again and again, some of which are completely or at least principally the same as those of other projects. This is usually not directly noticeable or is accepted in the workflow without suspecting that there is a considerable opportunity for optimization in terms of time and quality.

With geometrically special projects, new nodes and details often occur that have never been seen before. However, due to their multitude and parametric variation, these represent a particular challenge that can be made significantly more effective by analysis and optimization.

Systematic or standardized structures are certainly not commonplace for everyone, but still occur frequently in practice. These always have a considerable potential for optimization.

I analyse these 3 basic situations together with you during my consultation. From this the specifications for a macro development result directly and I can give you immediately a specific estimate over the expenditure. Then you decide what should be implemented and when.

Experience has shown that in the 3 cases mentioned above, time savings of between 20 and 70 % can be achieved if the changes are taken into account, which in practice always represent a major challenge in an ongoing project. The time gained can then be used for further business development, for example. In addition, a significant increase in quality and individuality can also be achieved.

Every macro I create for you is “open” and can even be modified by you if you have the necessary expertise. The nodes, which are generated by the macros, can be recalculated e.g. after changing the geometry or exchange of members. This saves a lot of time and reduces error sources in case of changes.

Of course, each macro is delivered with documentation and application video and set up remotely on your computer by me.


Technical interfaces always have potential for optimization, because what is written on one side is not always what is read or expected on the other. Whether it is about geometric objects, pure data sets or combinations thereof, the problem does not get any smaller. It is always worth taking a look at the extent to which technical interfaces can be optimized by small adjustments, which then often have a large effect.

However, human interfaces are also an elementary factor that should not be ignored, but which is usually underestimated. This applies not only to interpersonal cooperation within the company’s own department, but also to communication across the board for costing, preparation, workshop, erection, customer, etc. I always have an eye on this during my consultations.

A concrete analysis of your entire workflow can help you to grasp and understand the existing and evolved structures, and then stimulate the changes that produce clarity, efficiency and satisfaction on all sides. In addition to optimising technical interfaces, human interfaces also play an enormous role for me.

In the case of optimizations of a technical nature, I also gladly take over the management of communication between your software vendors.


BIM still raises many questions for almost everyone. In principle, it is a question of which requirements exist and how or whether these can be implemented.

When it comes to BIM, it is very easy to get to the topic of interfaces, as these are the core requirements of your software. For the implementation of BIM, the IFC interface has turned out to be clearly preferred, but some other interfaces are also involved.

My consulting concentrates on the part that has to be fulfilled by you. Together with you, I check the quality of the data to be imported or exported and work with you to define workflows that can be optimized.

Often other technical topics are involved automatically. I also support you in obtaining usable data from third parties instead of a huge “data heap” of which you are actually only interested in 5%.


The AVEVA Bocad software is very versatile and offers many possibilities to increase quality and efficiency. After attending the basic and advanced training courses, there are still mostly undreamt-of possibilities for optimisation.

Examples are here: Model input, data transfer, interfaces 2D/3D/text/data, administration of customer data, sample projects, in-house standards, drawing output, parts lists, NC data etc.

The software has many setting options to adapt it to your individual needs. During my consultation we find out together this need. Usually the necessary settings can be made immediately. By subsequent distribution of the customer data, these settings are then immediately available at your other Bocad workstations.

As with other topics, an analysis of the entire workflow is often very helpful in order to achieve effective customising.

In general, all settings are logged, processed and made available to you during the consulting process.


Often it is only a matter of integrating certain data into the Bocad system. This can be profiles, screws, 2D or 3D libraries, texts, images, headers, standard details or similar.

However, if you think a little further ahead, you will usually find even more processes that lead to clearer and safer work through digitalization. This ranges from document management to internal communication.

The need here always results from the total analysis of the workflows and can be examined by me on request specially or find as a marginal topic processing.

Training Online and Onsite

I offer training courses for AVEVA Bocad mainly for applications in plant construction, steel construction, timber construction and small fabricators.

The trainings are usually carried out as individually planned trainings. Special areas can be freely incorporated, as the training concept is dynamic.

The offer of an intensive-training with a special success concept is available on request.

As a special form of training, I offer monitoring training. In the individual dialogue per workplace for a certain period of time (1 to 2 hours) the working method of the specific project is discussed. Experience has shown that this results in very revealing findings which enrich the entire department.

The best place for your company-related training is of course your location itself, provided that a trouble-free environment can be created for the duration of the training.

Most Bocad trainings are available as Online-Trainings!