It is not only in times of crisis that home offices are necessary. Even beyond that, the home office, whether full-time or part-time, offers many advantages for all sides.

Overcoming crises with contact blocks. Specialists can be involved despite the long distance. Reduced or eliminated travel times save valuable life time, reduce stress and protect the environment. Avoidance of overcrowded urban centres with high living costs. Better quality of life, more satisfied and healthier employees who are motivated and like to perform well.

Admittedly, the full-time home office is not for everyone. Nor is it possible in all areas. But where it is possible, part-time home offices, for example, can provide most of the benefits mentioned above.

Simply sending employees home with a laptop is not a solution and bears many dangers of failure.

I therefore give individual advice:

Development of concepts for the implementation of home office workplaces. All necessary aspects such as feasibility, prerequisites, preliminary planning, technical equipment, constant communication, accessibility, software tools, effective digital working, self-discipline, transparency, social components, home office training, employee support and further education are taken into account.